Mother of Alexander Barykin asks his friends son on assistance

Мама Александра Барыкина просит друзей сына о помощи Musician 18 February, would have turned 66. He died in March 2011 – while touring in Orenburg had a heart attack. All these years our son misses mom – Alexandra Georgievna.
Мама Александра Барыкина просит друзей сына о помощи

“Miss. Pray every day for the Alexander’s companions, says the old lady. – Andrey Kovalev, Alexander Serov and Igor Sandler never leave me. Buying medicine products. Sasha paid eye surgery. If he hadn’t made 140 thousand, I would have been blind. New year’s eve, Igor Borisovich Goodies brought I under the chiming clock sandwich with salmon and ate. Shed tears of happiness. Without them I don’t know what I have lived, I have no money”.

Mom musician March 1 anniversary – 90 years old and her main dream – new wheelchair.

“Old broken – continues Barykina. And without a vehicle in any way, the legs do not go. I would be very simple – from the bed to the kitchen to get there.”

“StarHit” contacted Andrei Kovalev, and two days later he came to visit her with a gift. Sometimes Alexander G. granddaughter comes to visit Jack. “With her mother Nellie we have a good relationship, the woman said. – Three years after the death of Sasha, she again got married and recently gave birth to a daughter. Because of this, you see them with Genia less. The granddaughter is 11 years old, very father like. And not only externally, but also talent – vocal deals, recently came to visit and sang to me well”.