Больная раком сестра Виктории Лопыревой вышла замуж Emilia met his love in Munich. The couple already got married, but lavish feast in honour of the wedding scheduled for the summer. The girl had long been saving for a celebration, but to invite the famous relative is not going to.
Больная раком сестра Виктории Лопыревой вышла замуж

Victoria Lopyreva often talks about his personal life and work, but refuses to comment on relationship with half-sister. The fact that a few months ago Emilia Cruz-Orlikova, which is a relative of the presenter, said on his terrible disease. With 18 years she struggled with cancer, but the older sister was not helping financially.

When this circumstance was discovered, Victoria was hit by a wave of criticism. Emilia was quick to point out that does not require sisters money. Thanks to the help of caring people, the girl managed to raise funds for treatment. She went to one of the best clinics in Munich, where he met his love. A young man by the name of Anko immediately decided to conquer the beautiful girl from Russia.

“I saw her and immediately fell in love. So pretty incredible. I decided that we should be together. I didn’t care that it hurts or will hurt in the future. Even if something happens in my life, I wanted to be there,” – said Anko in the program “You wouldn’t believe!”.

The couple developed rapidly, and after a few months of Dating, the lovebirds decided to get married. The ceremony was modest, and attended by only the closest people. In the summer of 2018 Emilia and Anko are planning to arrange a Grand feast in Bulgaria at the home of the groom. They were long enough saved money, and now can realize all their dreams.

However, the older half-sister Victoria Lopyreva girl to invite is not going to. After a scandal involving the treatment of Emilia, relatives do not communicate.

Now the girl feels well. The disease has receded, and so the lovers are optimistic about the future.

“We want to have children. Probably even two children. Dream to spend a lifetime together,” said Anko.

By the way, Victoria Lopyreva previously claimed that always had little contact with my sister. Father left the family when the future broadcaster was little. Children’s resentment affected the relations with the new darling of the Pope and his successor.

According to Emilia, she wants to forget about that period when the conflict broke out. She doesn’t get mad at famous cousin. Now the most important thing for girls is health and love. She was sure that next to Anko will be able to find true happiness.