Мать внука Шукшиной закрутила новый роман Freya Zilber has found a new chosen one. Now, the young mom is Dating 21-year-old bodybuilder Nikita by Kostyuchenkova. They met online, and now this guy even nursed with her son girls from Makar Kasatkina.
Мать внука Шукшиной закрутила новый роман

Had to do a DNA test to actress and TV presenter admitted that her son is the father of the child of 20-year-old Freya silber, and promised to participate in the education of her grandson. However, the young father still refuses to communicate with the baby.

But the Holy place is never empty: last week, the new mother published a photo social network with the man who nursed a small mark-Adam.

How do you know “StarHit”, Freya started to build a relationship with 21-year-old bodybuilder Nikita by Kostyuchenkova.

“We have known for over two years – says the girl. – But began Dating recently.”
Мать внука Шукшиной закрутила новый роман

In recognition of lovers, they met on the Internet. “Communication began on Instagram, says “StarHit” Nikita. I don’t mind that Freya has a three-month baby and that he is from another man. Mark Adam immediately hit it off – nice kid. Sometimes only his screams hellishly annoying… But I think with another baby I would not have coped.

Nikita served in the army, involved in powerlifting, and participated in many competitions. Recently started a YouTube channel, which tells us how fast to bring the body into order. Same as Freya, loves to shock on the web you can easily find pictures of him in the Nude.

We will remind, recently Maria Shukshina recognized grandson. The fact that the child was born from Makar, has proven expertise. “That’s finally all cleared up. For all friends, enemies, and just curious: we have just received the results of genetic examination (DNA), held in a Federal institution of medical. We do not like to be unfounded and redundant, we were waiting for the facts. The result showed that our child. And we are very happy ! Alimony Macarena in the manner prescribed by law will be paid regularly. Moreover, we would want a child brought up in our family, but it is only in the case that the mother of the child she will give us it. In our country all the rights on the mother’s side,” – said Maria. Maria Shukshina got the DNA results: “This is our child”