Мать Даны Борисовой пугала дочь суицидом

The other day the mother of the famous TV presenter Dana Borisova got to hospital with poisoning with psychotropic drugs. At first the woman claimed that the reason for the hospitalization was a medication, but a close friend of the journalist Leonid dzyunik announced another version of events: the mother of Dana blackmails her and threatens suicide. According to Leonid, what we observe is an attempt to frighten the daughter of an authoritarian mother.

61-year-old Katherine has always controlled her daughter’s life, even when Dana was a grown woman. All the men who have appeared in life Borisova mother considered unworthy. Perhaps in this lies the reason of personal failures are Given.
Dzyunik believes that the mother did not accept autonomy his adult daughter, and deliberately decided to scare her.
“The problem there is that mom Dana doesn’t understand that her daughter just wants to live an independent life. And in this way decided, apparently, it once again scare. But agree, if people really decided to commit suicide, he will not call before that saying, “I’m Sorry, goodbye, goodbye”? But the whole problem-then what? What Dana wants to live independently. And loves the man. Imagine, to live under the guardianship of his mother, and even such a freak? Dana told me that he loves your husband and wants him to be. Mom mania – that all men are Given a bad” — said a friend of the journalist.
That the relationship of mother and daughter strained, became known a year ago, when Katherine called the police, saying that her daughter throws her out of the house. The scandal broke out immediately after, Dan told his mother that he was going to marry his beloved from the Luhansk region. But the future mother-in-law was totally against, the more that she recognized – the man is married and has three children.
At the same time Ekaterina Ivanovna declared to militiamen that her daughter becomes addicted to drugs and alcohol. In response to the attacks mother Dana said it was willing to prove his sobriety, having passed all the necessary tests..
As we know, a few months ago, Borisov got married, and the mother was sent to a one-bedroom apartment in Sudak.
What exactly caused the poisoning of Katherine is unknown. Dana Borisova has not yet commented on the words of his friend.

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