Lesya Ryabtseva have started a YouTube channel: “My example is Kim Kardashian”

Леся Рябцева завела канал на YouTube: "Мой пример - Ким Кардашьян"

Lesya Ryabtseva

Scandalous journalist and a former employee of “echo of Moscow” yesterday has shared with the public the news that he is writing a book. The news from Lesja ends. Today 24-year-old journalist on his page in Facebook posted a link to his new YouTube channel.

That’s the one. You are a fool. The political content for a wide range of users. Such wide that even in the door not go in. Subscribe to the channel, tell us about it your mom and her friends. And adult friends.

– posted by Lesia.

In the first video, she says about the doping scandal with Maria Sharapova and wedding Tatiana skill sets and Dmitry Peskov.

The world is ruled by women,

– loudly Ryabtseva in the beginning of the video.

According to Lesya, the fact that Sharapova has publicly admitted his error, is worthy of respect, as not many people in this country are ready for such an act.

The journalist also commented on the trial of Nadiya Savchenko, noting that a soldier worthy of the best lawyers.

Watch on YouTube

A former employee of “Echo” and expressed his opinion about the publication of “naked selfie”, Kim Kardashian. Ryabtsev believes that those who criticize secular lioness, wrong:

Kim is my role model, because she loves herself and is not ashamed of himself,

explains Les.

Lesia reported that the videos on her channel will be released once a week, and she will talk about current topics discussed in the media.

Леся Рябцева завела канал на YouTube: "Мой пример - Ким Кардашьян"

Леся Рябцева завела канал на YouTube: "Мой пример - Ким Кардашьян"

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