Eugenia Feofilaktovoy unable to save

Евгении Феофилактовой не удается экономить Ex-participant reality show does not spare funds for a comfortable life. Eugene Feofilaktova and her husband Anton Gusev regularly make useless purchases, without which could well do without.

      Евгении Феофилактовой не удается экономить

      Even during the period when Eugene Feofilaktova and Anton Gusev was on the project “Dom-2”, where they became famous, fans of the pair was well known that the lovers love a beautiful life. Preferences of the spouses has not changed since leaving the reality show. Guseva successfully conduct business, work a lot, and all in order to provide himself and his son a comfortable existence. Young parents used to live in Grand style – taking pictures of luxury cars, to buy son Daniel the best toys and do not regret the money at your own comfort. That’s why none of them has been able to save.

      The confessions of Eugene Feofilaktovoy, she sees no reason to limit yourself in anything, because in order to be able to live as one pleases, and they work. This young mother realizes that often makes a completely useless purchase, without which could well do without. On things like Eugenia to leave quite a lot of money, but to refuse to indulge in pleasure she can not. “Useless purchase do every day, but going to the store, you know how much money you can spend on nonsense, said Feofilaktova. – I always plan your budget and never go beyond”.

      Евгении Феофилактовой не удается экономить

      There are a number of things on which to save star reality show cannot afford, because it is connected primarily with the health of her family. “Never skimp on your health. I know many people who don’t go to the dentist because it is expensive. Also a woman to save on their beauty. First, the girl should always look perfect, because men love with their eyes. Secondly, fiscal services can be of poor quality, and thus affect your health, explained to Eugene in an interview with the magazine “the House-2″. – I never save on baby! There are so many educational toys, beautiful clothes and services for children that just cannot pass by”.

      It is noteworthy that not so long ago, Eugenia and Anton purchased a new car. The couple decided that more money would have gone into the taxi, so went for their own iron horse. By the way, a major purchase, the family plans in advance for such expenses keep your money in your Bank account.

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