Джейми Оливер станет папой в пятый раз
Celebrity chef and TV host hopes that this will be a boy.

Джейми Оливер станет папой в пятый раз

Jamie Oliver with his wife

Photo: ZumaTASS

In a large and happy family Jamie Oliver, it is expected
replenishment. As confirmed by world-renowned owner of a chain of restaurants and author
many cookbooks, the wife of Jules in August of this year should make him happy, the birth of the fifth child!

Interestingly, a couple of years ago Jamie, culinary delights that loves even the wife of Prince William — Kate and Angelina Jolie with brad pitt, claimed
he is not eager to adopt another child. “Me and my wife
very difficult to find time for each other, while raising four children.
So I don’t want to buy another excuse for us not
to spend time together. But Jules, I know, really wants to have another. And, I,
of course, not hinder it. Though I myself and quite happy with four children!”
— said Oliver.

Jamie, who this year will mark 41 years, and his wife were married in 2000.
It’s funny that in order to conceive her first child, the couple
had to go through IVF. But after the birth of the eldest daughter, Jules is no
never had to resort to the help of doctors to expand the composition of the family. By the way, Jamie, known for its “branded”
a sense of humor to all of her offspring gave extravagant names. Senior it
named poppy honey Rosie, the middle is Daisy Boo Pamela, and petal blossom

“I was thrilled, when Jules finally
have a son. Because by this point we were completely exhausted like the stock
us girly names!” joked Oliver, when in 2010 his wife bore him
boy. By the way, newborn parents are not cheated in terms of originality
name. Oliver named his son buddy Bear Maurice. Little “bear” (the second name
the boy means “bear” in English) is now 6 years old and he
also, like his parents, dreams of a younger brother. Oliver hopes that it
will the son, because of inventing female names and he really was tired.

Jamie Oliver

Photo: BarcroftMedia/TASS

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