Moscow hosted the “Comet Party”

В Москве прошла «Комета Party»
The capital club Doolin House on the Arbat, said the unusual weather the most unusual party of the year.

В Москве прошла «Комета Party»

В Москве прошла «Комета Party»

“Comet Party” — so called party on the clash with
The land of the Tunguska meteorite. This event took place 109 years ago
about seven o’clock in the morning over the territory of the Yenisei basin from the South-East at
North-West flying large fireball. The blast, similar in
power with explosion of the hydrogen bomb, was recorded by observatories
around the world, including in the Western hemisphere. on the territory of 2000 sq
kilometers were fallen trees, the animals died, people got hurt.
However, the researchers, scientists and enthusiasts still came to
common opinion on this event.

Their versions of what happened, and a private “space” of history
told famous artists – stars of the Russian stage, cinema,
artists and even famous psychics. A talented saxophonist
The musician and his music band SV-Band, presented
the premiere of the song “Mamba Jamba”, dedicated to the fall of the Tunguska
meteorite to the Earth.

В Москве прошла «Комета Party»

The winner of the show “Supernatural” Natalia Malysheva Nada advanced
his version of the Tunguska meteorite fall on the territory of Russia:
“It was an accident!”. According to the psychic, meteorites have burst
aggressive energy, which affects the mood of the people – they become
very aggressive. Natalia wants to visit the spot where he fell
meteorite to feel this energy, to be charged at the “place of power” and
to clean your karma. Psychic admitted that, like many other
people makes a wish at a falling star. “I like
to think, as desires are fulfilled, — said the psychic. – The main thing that desire was clear, a clear message needs to be strong.”

Known for many TV series actress Lora Reznikova admitted that
the space had great interest and many studies about this topic. “I would like
to fly beyond our solar system, — said the actress. — I
even have a cat named Sirius after the main stars esoteric”.
The soloist of group Sergey Doggy Doggy “Sparrow” Miller admitted that
thanks to falling star and created his music project and song
about a raccoon.

“I raced on the scooter at the moment when the sky saw
shooting star — in the next moment I was flying like a star. Much
hit, some time was lying on the ground. Injury received, but
the result of this fall was my new song about the scooter and the raccoon”, —
Sergey shared.

В Москве прошла «Комета Party»

The artist Arseny Vlasov, gained worldwide popularity, with
space-a special relationship. He was born in Yaroslavl – the home
the first female astronaut Valentina Tereshkova. And have always been interested in
space. Travels to the places associated with space, as well as
displays it in some of his works. Arseniy believe in horoscopes and
do not just convinced that they help to find real friends and to find
love. The artist believes in UFOs, but never saw him. In his
opinion, the reason for this is exactly what the aliens too
developed form of civilization. “They have created a cool innovative
plates that are not fixed radars, learned to disguise themselves and
to become invisible to the human eye. And generally the human world
still not known, which makes it even more interesting,” says
Arseny Vlasov.

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  • В Москве прошла «Комета Party»
    Lora Reznikova

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В Москве прошла «Комета Party»

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В Москве прошла «Комета Party»

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