Jennifer Lopez came to the concert without underwear

Дженнифер Лопес пришла на концерт без нижнего белья
The actress has again demonstrated its excellent figure.

Дженнифер Лопес пришла на концерт без нижнего белья

Recently the 47-year-old Jennifer Lopez which is known
his bold stage performances you managed to shake even the seemingly everything
accustomed spectators at her concert in new York. Incidentally, the most
Lopez liked the way it looked in that day that the singer
posted one of the pictures from the concert in his microblog.

Jennifer managed to show their
figure in all its glory despite the fact that she was dressed in a Maxi dress. But
“focus” was that the front of the outfit Lopez sported two long slit
… comes to waist! Of course, the thighs of Jennifer, who she was able to show in
best, was is “pumped” and a bronze tan. But at the same time
it was impossible not to notice that Lopez was without underwear…

However, accompanying her to the concert of boyfriend singer — Alex Rodriguez is, like, totally not bothered.
Watching from the auditorium during the speech of his beloved, he just glowed from
proud of her. And when the show
over, in front of everyone gently kissed her.

Recently Alex, who is Dating Lopez
the beginning of this year, shared a curious observation. “When I played for the Yankees, considered himself a celebrity. But now that I
Jennifer, I was constantly mistaken for
her bodyguard. It’s, you know, it’s a bit annoying…” said Rodriguez, a baseball star in