Monica Bellucci said about the new novel

Моника Белуччи заявила о новом романе The actress said that her life changed. Monica Bellucci gave a Frank interview to a French publication. After divorcing Vincent Cassel celebrity attributed to relationships with men.
Моника Белуччи заявила о новом романе

After the divorce the famous actress Monica Bellucci with peers Vincent Cassel about his personal life beauties, there were many rumors. She attributed novels with rich and famous men who were no more than rumors. However, in an interview to foreign publications, the actress admitted that her life has appeared the man.

As it turned out, couple Monica were French actor Gilles Lellouche, who is eight years her younger. For several months the rumors of their affair surfaced in the media. Artists noticed at the gala dinner in Paris, after which together they left the event. The man known for his roles in the films “fall in love with me if you dare”, “Elusive”, “Paris”, and many others.

At the end of December last year, the celebrity visited Moscow, where, together with film Director Emir Kusturica presented a picture of “milky way.” She shared their beauty secrets and told about the family. Monica Bellucci is looking for a job in Russia

“We sat at the same table. We had such a purely feminine conversation – shared with “StarHit” Alla werber, Director of the Central Department store. Monica admitted that the affected Russian women. She admired: “Such beautiful skin, hair, nails, all manicured – it is clear that investing in yourself”. Her greatest pride is her hair. And when I asked what is the secret of youth, Monica said, “Drink plenty of water, fruit and healthy for a long sleep.” She spoke about children, admitted that he tries to spend with her daughters – 12-year-old Virgin and 6-year-old Leoni – as much as possible: they are at that age when they really need a mother.”

Children of Monica Bellucci appeared in marriage to Vincent Cassel. Despite the fact that the marriage lasted 14 years, they admitted that due to constant work travel, they spend little time together. Apparently, now the actress has the ability to pay attention to the new chosen one. Monica told French newspaper Paris Match that her life has changed dramatically.