Мария Захарова прокомментировала состояние дочери The girl was bitten by a dog. Maria Zakharova hastened to reassure indifferent to the health of her child. The representative of the Russian foreign Ministry thanked for their support and told how all was actually.

Today in mass media there was information that the daughter of the representative of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation Maria Zakharova, Mariana was bitten by a dog. According to some sources, the girl allegedly could not provide timely first aid in the hospital. This information has caused a wide public resonance. However, after a couple of hours Maria explained the situation – she told me what really happened to her heir. The diplomat was quick to reassure people who are worried for the life and health of her daughter.

“Showered with messages and phone calls that Mariana was bitten by a dog. Didn’t know that the kid’s adventure could cause such a stir. It was the case – grabbed. Fear and Reva were many. The dog is not stray, graft, is now under the supervision of veterinarians. The child received the necessary assistance. Thank you all for your attention and care,” wrote Maria on the page in “Facebook”.

Subscribers Zakharova exhaled with relief – they were happy that everything went quite smoothly. Followers Mariana wished for a speedy recovery. “Everyone in childhood was bitten by a dog. Mariana recovery. Your response, Maria, deserves respect”, “God willing, all will be well with you! Well, that’s life forces us to gradually grow up. Mariana all the best!”, “God grant a speedy recovery to your girl and physical and psychological! Of course, the child got stress! It’s understandable. I am very glad that everything ended more or less safely,” wrote netizens.

The whole situation took place in Sevastopol, where Maria Zakharova came with his family. She enjoys the beauty of the Crimean Peninsula and pleases its subscribers with colorful images. However, the city she had scheduled a press conference. In the event the representative of the foreign Ministry was two hours late. Maria apologized for the delay and cited unforeseen circumstances.

Maria Zakharova, from time to time indulges its subscribers in social networks funny stories about the relationship with his daughter. In late January, the representative of the Russian foreign Ministry received the award from the hands of Vladimir Putin. The woman shared with the Network users ‘ expectations of the reaction of her child to such an event. Vladimir Putin helped Maria Zakharova to gain credibility daughters

“A couple of months ago I came home late. Very late. Tired of waiting for my daughter asked the question of the century: “And you Putin shook his hand?” “No,” I replied. “I thought that stings” – disappointedly said Mariana Andreevna. And here on January 26. As a child at home to talk. And let him try again the soup to eat,” wrote Zakharova in Facebook.