Mom Selena Gomez was against the filming of daughter in the woody Allen film

Мама Селены Гомес была против съемок дочери в фильме Вуди Аллена

After a serious operation, a kidney transplant, actress and singer Selena Gomez back to work: she started working on the film “a Rainy day in new York” (A Rainy Day in New York) woody Allen. But many fans are not pleased by this news and they called her to apologize for the work accused of sexual harassment by the Director. Selena’s mom supported them, saying that he had tried to reason with her daughter.

Мама Селены Гомес была против съемок дочери в фильме Вуди Аллена

“Sorry, but no one can force selenium to do what she wants,” justified Mandy Typhus in response to a comment by one of the fans.

“I had a long conversation with her, so she started working with him, but she didn’t listen to me. Her team consists of amazing people. There are no low men. No it does not control. She makes all the decisions. Doesn’t matter what you give her advice. She skips past the ears,” says the mother of Selene.

Recall that the adopted daughter of a famous Director and his former civil wife, MIA Farrow, Dylan, did an open letter to the public, through the column one of new York’s Newspapers. In it she argues that in the age of seven she was violated by her adopted father in the attic of their home.

Sensational statement again stirred the public, because people almost forgot how loud was the scandal in 1992. Then, despite many examinations, the wine is woody Allen has not been proven. As was stated by the psychologists who worked with the girl, she cannot distinguish the truth from the fiction.
Insists the lawyer Allen. He argues that the story of Dylan invested it in the mouth of her mother MIA Farrow, in order to take revenge on woody. I must say, revenge is for what. That only is a wedding Allen’s adopted daughter Farrow from a previous marriage, soon-And Preven. Now, according to the lawyer, woody again very popular. For his film “blue Jasmine” Director was awarded the “Golden Globe”. This, according to defender woody, could cause a new surge of anger and the desire to spoil the reputation of Allen.
And suddenly the scene of clashes appeared adopted child of MIA and woody Moses. His pair was adopted together with Dylan. He argues that the story’s stepsister – from beginning to end insinuations of his mother. This is revenge for the fact that he married soon-Yi.
According to Moses, when he started living separately and ceased to be under the constant influence of the mother, then looked at the situation from the other side, and so much he understood: “Mother drummed into my head that I hated my father for what he left us and raped my sister. And I hated him for years. But now I see that it was just a cruel revenge for the fact that he fell in love with soon-Yi. of Course, he didn’t rape my sister. She loved it and looked forward to come to visit her. She never hid until our mom decided to create an atmosphere of fear and hate him. I don’t know my sister believes that he abused her, or just trying to please the mother. To be on the side of the mother’s strong motivation, because to be her enemy – it’s just awful.”