Мама Ким Кардашьян помогла ей добиться славы секс-скандалом

Its current popularity Kim Kardashian owes much to the infamous sex tape, which supposedly randomly leaked and became public knowledge. The scandal, the Central figure of which was Kimberly, happened about ten years ago, but only now become known for unexpected details of who actually was standing behind him.

Writer Ian Halperin, who became the author of a book about the family Kardashian claims that Kris Jenner is the man who scandalously has glorified Kim.

In the book “Kardashian Dynasty”, the author quotes a source “adult industry”, which says that “mutual friend Kim and Paris (Hilton) gave them advice, like, if they want to achieve fame, they need a sex scandal…Before the sex tape with Kim was available to a wide audience, its actions, she has discussed with members of his family, particularly the mother.”

“It was Chris agreed to sell the sex tape and was responsible for video will be implemented”, — told the informant to the writer.

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