Daughter Larisa Guzeeva was fatal beauty

Дочь Ларисы Гузеевой стала роковой красоткой TV published expressive portrait of the heiress. Larisa Guzeeva celebrated the 16th birthday of his daughter, sharing in his microblog photo unusual grown-up beauty.

      Дочь Ларисы Гузеевой стала роковой красоткой

      Larisa Guzeeva admires the beauty of his daughter Olga. The young lady is experimenting with style. Recently, she was sixteen years old, and it’s time to explore the possibilities of decorative cosmetics, and also to fool around a bit on this topic. So, Olga has caused an unusual evening makeup. The girl had expressive hands, painted eyes thick, dark shadows, and the lips are almost black lipstick. Gothic image appears to face a light-skinned lady.

      16-year-old daughter Larisa Guzeeva shaved his whiskey

      Larissa could not resist and published a portrait of his daughter on his page in Instagram. “Homework. Only our people”, – has signed a snapshot of it. Fans of the star found that the girl is very like her mother in her younger years. “The eyes of the girl mom’s! You have a very beautiful daughter!”, “Oh, Larissa, hold it tightly and two years hold, so stupid did! With Aries the only way”, “Beautiful girl! Just like my mom!”, “Larissa, Your work is superior to the other. My daughter excels in beauty with my mom!” – wrote fans. “I tried,” replied Guzeeva.

      Дочь Ларисы Гузеевой стала роковой красоткой

      It is noteworthy that the mother and daughter very close relationship. The young heiress often accompanies the presenter to social events where they act like best friends. However, it was not always so. the beginning of the two thousandth Larissa had other work – it was a difficult time for the whole country. The girl brought her grandmother – mother of the stars of the ether.

      “I remember Lelka sat on grandma’s lap, smoothed her wrinkles on her face and said, “you’re beautiful”. And I sat down on his knees and says: “But because there is no way that one girl had two moms”. I was delighted: “of Course no, dear.” She said, “Well. One must be the mother, and the other is not mom”. I gladly nod: “Yes, Yes” – and expect that it will finish something like: “I realized real mother is you.” Instead, she: “Then I’m gonna call you grandma?” Here’s how to react to this?” – guzeyeva told in conversation with journalists.

      Now all the problems in the relationship with Larissa and Olga behind. “My precious, you’re 16 years old today! Live! May you all happy! I’m around,” wrote Guzeeva at his daughter’s birthday.

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