СМИ: Бред Питт хочет взять Кару Делевинь под своё крыло

23-year-old Cara Delevingne, stepped from the world of fashion in the world of cinema, all waiting to be Pygmalion, and could be none other than Hollywood actor Brad pitt< /strong>.

Insiders close to wife Angelina Jolie, argue that pitt long been eyeing the model and believes have a great future in the world of cinema.
“Brad believes that Kara’s talents have not been properly assessed and he wants to take her under his wing. He hoped that she would sign with his company continuous contract” — said the insider.
Actually pitt was offered the Caret role in the film “war of the worlds Z”, but it was unable to agree because of a conflict in his schedule.
“He tied her up with the right people in Hollywood, gave her the best teachers. He really believes that Delevingne has everything to win an Oscar one day” — said the insider.

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