Mom Kim Kardashian has sold a sex tape to her daughter

Мама Ким Кардашьян продала домашнее секс-видео своей дочери
About star of the reality show will be released revealing material.

Kim Kardashian with mom Kris Jenner


Recently in the Network appeared the next
portion of scandalous news related to Kim Kardashian and her relatives.
Canadian journalist Ian Halperin has written a revelatory book about one of the most
influential families of America. The creation of the author, under the name “Kardashian Dynasty”
will be released in April of this year, but extracts from it have already cause a lot

In his manuscript Halperin
claims that conducted real investigative journalism, and he managed
to find out many ugly details about the Kardashians. For example, Yang learned that
the author of the acclaimed home sex video 2007, which came to Kim
incredible popularity, were made by her own mother Kris Jenner. “She is not
only agreed with the company “Vivid Entertainment” on the sale of the captured
material, but also acted as a Director. She was present during the
filming and told Kim exactly how to behave in front of the camera!” says Halperin
in his book. He also insists that 5 million dollars, which Kim,
supposedly able to sue the company for the publication of a sex video, not that other, as
the contract, signed with “Vivid Entertainment” her mom Chris.

It is true that the Kim and her
the family has already made a statement that written Jan book — one
a pack of lies. They are going to sue the author and accuse him of slander.

Incidentally, the previous publication of this
same journalist under the name “Michael Jackson. A man of legend” immediately after
became a bestseller around the world. Prior to that, Jan already wrote a book about
Celine Dion, Kurt Cobain, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Whitney Houston. Halperin,
by the way, enjoys the reputation of being a reliable journalist. By the way, he in the end
2008 was one of the first who “predicted” the impending death of Michael Jackson.

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