J. Lo has a flat fee from Gutseriev on bags

Джей Ло спустила гонорар от Гуцериева на сумки Celebrity left in the capital’s boutiques 2.5 million rubles. Jennifer Lopez bought designer shoes, bags and luxury clothes. A store employee noted that the star was in good spirits.

      Джей Ло спустила гонорар от Гуцериева на сумки

      Recently popular singer, actress and fashion designer Jennifer Lopez has arrived in Moscow to speak at a wedding of the son of billionaire Mikhail Gutseriev. At the event it was accompanied by such world stars as sting, Enrike Iglesias, Patricia Kaas, as well as the prima Donna of the national stage Alla Pugacheva. The marriage of the heir Gutseriev became the loudest and discussed the March event.

      The wedding of the son of Mikhail Gutseriev in detail. PHOTO. Video

      Fans of world-famous artist recently could see their idol on the streets of Moscow. But for walking celebrity chose no city attractions and chic boutiques of clothing and footwear. In Metropolitan stores, the star of the world stage made purchases totaling more than two million rubles.

      Jennifer Lopez visited several fashionable points on the map Moscow at the invitation of businesswoman Aysel Trudel. Employees of the boutique AIZEL note that the actress was in a good mood. While shopping celebrity felt a slight hunger, but because it was delivered macaroons and champagne.

      First star went to the boutique AIZEL of Moscow, beloved by her in November 2012. Having donned the outfits of fashion brands, J. Lo went shopping. Among the selected designers was Veronique Branquinho, No. 21, Michael Kors, Anthony Vaccarello, Nina Ricci and others. Here American singer has spent more than one million rubles.

      But the artiste were not going to stop. The Moscow boutique Christian Louboutin Jennifer liked several pairs of shoes for performances. As a result, cash account of the actress declined by half a million, but now she will take away with him from Moscow six pairs of chic shoes and two bags.

      Джей Ло спустила гонорар от Гуцериева на сумки

      After one and a half hours spent in the Moscow boutique, J. Lo decided to take a break and drink a latte. After that, singer went to a newly opened store British shoes and accessories Charlotte Olympia. There, she could not pass up the luxury shoes and sandals, and therefore was not to restrict yourself to the desires and means, decided to buy eight bags of a famous brand, and five pairs of shoes.

      I must say that Jennifer Lopez was in good spirits. Celebrity personally invited the staff of the boutique to do a selfie, and then went to dinner with friends.

      Джей Ло спустила гонорар от Гуцериева на сумки
      Джей Ло спустила гонорар от Гуцериева на сумки

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