Mom Friske and her condition worsened because of burglary charges

У мамы Фриске ухудшилось самочувствие из-за обвинений в краже

Will soon be made public documents that indicate the involvement of mother Zhanna Friske Olga Kopylova to the loss of money “Rusfond” in the amount of 20 million rubles.

While that information remains closed to prying eyes, but, says the singer’s father, Vladimir Kopylov, such documents can not simply be for the reason that the loss of money their family has nothing.

The opposite side of the Friske family in General does not spare his opponents and seems to be doing everything possible to as much as possible to undermine their already poor health.

Recall, several times in the hospital has been Mr Miller, now runs the risk to go there and Mama Jeanne Olga. As Kopylov told the press that because of the fallen charges blood sugar his wife jumped to 18 (at a rate of an average of 4 – approx.ed.).

“My wife feels very bad: sugar jumped to 18! — told dad Friske. — Onall take to heart”.

I hope, as Olga stabiliziruemost, and any outstanding questions resolved.

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