Elton John and Lady Gaga has created an explosive collection, under the brand of “Love” for Bravery”

Элтон Джон и Леди Гага создали взрывную коллекцию под общим брендом «Love Bravery»

Good friends and even old friends Elton John and Lady Gaga are preparing to present to the world a new result of their joint creativity.

The stars of the scene are going to release a limited edition collection of accessories and clothing under the title “Love Bravery”. To help musicians cope with this problem is a chain of American Department stores Macy.

In the sale of goods must be received may 1, however, they can be purchased online only. And already on may 9 the collection will go on sale in 150 retail stores to the Mac.

Элтон Джон и Леди Гага создали взрывную коллекцию под общим брендом «Love Bravery»

As stated in the press release for the release of the debut collaborative collection Gaga and John, to help the artists with the design came from sister, and part-time stylist of Germanotta, Natali Germanotta and fashion designer Brandon Maxwell. Despite the fact that the creation of the collection, roughly speaking, put your hand on other people, it will fully display all the brightness and extravagance of its ideological masterminds.

“Our collection “Love” for Bravery” on how to combat prejudice and to be able to fend for themselves, while being mindful of compassion for others and acceptance of all people as they want to be,” touts sir Elton their offspring.

It will feature black-and-white sleeveless t-shirt, lilac-pink hoodies with graffiti, tops with metal inlay, oversized scarves-scarves with prints in the form of a treble clef. Will be released as backpacks with neon prints in the form of the word LOVE and decorative pins, pictures of motorcycles, guitars, platform shoes and brand Lady Gaga claw and clutch bags in the shape of hearts, points and pianos, hats, key rings and much more, even skateboards.

The price of all the goods promised are quite affordable – from 12 to 99 dollars. At the same time, a quarter of the entire proceeds from the sale of the collection of the amount will go to charity, in particular — to the Foundation Lady Gaga Born This Way and the Foundation AIDS of Elton John.


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