Модель Ксения Дели дала миллион на строительство дома беженцу дяде Мише The girl volunteered to help man in his difficult situation. Ksenia Delhi arrived in Krasnodar to personally uncle Misha funds for the purchase of housing. For years, the man wanders on to friends and acquaintances, and at times spends the night at the station.

      Модель Ксения Дели дала миллион на строительство дома беженцу дяде Мише

      “The old man Hottabych, so called because of the long grey beard, is known to half of Krasnodar, said the “StarHit” Svetlana Chernikova, the initiator of the fundraiser. – He never misses a match – football, basketball, volleyball. Look at it sometimes more interesting than to watch the game. Mikhail Vartanovich restless waves her hands and danced, shouting, laughing. In November I have several times seen him loitering on the streets. Came and found out that the people that he lived, died, and he spends the night in the airport, at the train station…

      A few days uncle Misha lived with me, and then he took care of the other – continues to Svetlana. We announced on the Internet to raise funds to buy housing. Last month gathered more than 600 thousand, began to look at the options – but it was the highest of the huts, like the barn… Thanks to the support of the media about the fate of Mikhail Vartanovich learned the Victoria’s Secret supermodel Xenia deli. She arrived in Krasnodar and personally handed uncle Misha an envelope with a million rubles. The money we stored in a cell Bank”.

      “I’m happy that so many people responded – confessed “StarHit” 68-year-old Michael Gurian. – Thank you very much Ksenia, she is beautiful and kind. Long ceased to dream of his own roof over his head… the Last 15 years he lived at friends, on the street… Family took the war in Nagorno – Karabakh in 1989 I came to Kuban from Baku, and was saved. Earned trade: bought fish, vegetables, fruits, where it’s cheaper, and then “profitable” resell. The money fed, with clothes, helped friends, fans. I don’t need much – I don’t drink, smoke, do sports, do exercises every morning, 600 times can fill kicks the ball.

      Sport is my life! During matches I like on the field. And my favorite place on the podium next to the bench. Because I like the player and now as a substitute. I loved the concert Anita Tsoy – she invited me on the show when he came to our city. Such beauty I had never seen!

      Soon I hope to finally get a passport. Lost it many years ago. All paper is my Light (Chernikov. – Approx. ed “StarHit”) has already collected, filed in late January to issue the document. And immediately we will deal with the house. Of course, I want an apartment but a house, closer to the ground… Let it be small but with a garden to grow flowers, vegetables – I love this thing”.