Дмитрий Маликов откровенно рассказал о неимоверных тратах на дочку
The singer is sparing no expense on Stephanie.

Dmytro and Stephania Malikova

Photo: @Instagram steshamalikova Stephanie Malikova

Dmitry Malikov and his popular daughter, Stephanie became the heroes of the program “Relish” with Ivan Urgant. In conversation with the presenter, the singer admitted that constantly spends huge sums of money to the daughter. However, the money spent are the successor Malikov favor. Mostly spending Dmitri is associated with the study of Stephanie.

Malikov daughter is now studying in the 11th grade and has a very rich school life. In addition to the main lessons with Stefania are often extra classes on several subjects: literature, Russian language, English and French languages, history, and vocal. Of course, all undertakings Stephanie pays for her dad. “It’s all extra! Imagine what the cost?” — asked Dmitry Ivan, alluding to the fact that we are talking about incredible amounts.

By the way, Stephanie plans to enroll in MGIMO’s faculty of journalism. To this decision she came once established in the Network as a blogger. Problems with the arrival of a daughter at the University Dmitry did not foresee. Stephania, though not a straight-a student, but studying hard. After all, Malikov from early childhood taught Stephanie to the fact that in order to succeed must work hard.