Катя Гершуни пытается найти любовь после развода The presenter seeks to establish privacy. Kate Gershuni, last summer, broke up with her husband, admitted that while the men disappoint her. However, the star does not despair and continues to look for its only through trial and error and actively Dating.

      TV presenter and style expert Catherine gershoni determined to establish a personal life after the recent divorce from her husband Roman Gershuni. Kate Gershuni is divorcing her husband

      The star announced the beginning of the active phase of the search of his only that she will be able to build a harmonious relationship. Catherine Gershuni met with men and Dating. However, the first experience was unsuccessful. According to Catherine, the representative of the opposite sex, who invited her to a meeting, was looped on itself person. About the disappointment she felt, gershoni told subscribers microblog.

      “After a very long break yesterday I went on a first date. I, like all girls, very long was going to put on makeup, I was worried. Remeasure pile of clothes and shoes, spent 40 minutes doing makeup, combing her hair, picked up the perfume, thought through every detail, with characteristic thoroughness I! In short, I’m really nervous! And what do you think? People, for three hours talking only about yourself! So much that I was even and word failed to insert! Well, how so? The finish remains, frankly, so-so”, – told the sad story of Catherine gershoni.

      However, she immediately added that this did not change its future plans for the search for a life partner. And in the very near future gershoni intends to be a first date with a new Beau. Trying to find the positive in everything, the fashion expert said that she was very inspired by the training itself to meet a potential mate. “I got so many unforgettable emotions in the process, so much excitement, awe and burning curiosity! It’s worth it! I don’t give up and tomorrow I go to the next date! Will see how will be it! To be continued”, – promised the fans to talk about the details of private life of Kate Gershuni.

      Recall that in her relationship with husband Roman Gershuni happened the disorder, the TV host said in an interview with “StarHit” last summer.

      “The initiator was I – shared Ekaterina gershoni. We have lived together for 12 years, during these years both changed a lot. Stopped our match with Roma tastes and opinions. We already don’t go to those places that used to like both of us no longer watch movies that I loved. Common friends, whom we met on weekends, had been on the back burner. Each had its own circle of friends, and so on… From the total remained only our son and housing. While living next to David easily undergo the divorce of their parents. It can go at any time. Husband and I stayed in a wonderful relationship. He still helps me, for example, repair of the car or move.”