Mocks? Rival Buzova apologized for an affair with Dmitry Tarasov

Издевается? Соперница Бузовой попросила прощения за роман с Дмитрием Тарасовым
Parents Anastasia Kostenko opposed her relationship with a married footballer.

Anastasia Kostenko and Dmitry Tarasov

Photo: @kostenko.94 Instagram

The bride of Dmitry Tarasova — Anastasia Kostenko builds serious plans for the future with her ex-husband of Olga Buzova. The model recently openly said that can not wait when she will develop a player’s full family. Striking brunette is already planning to bless his chosen children.

Thus, in the beginning of the relationship married then, according to rumors, Dmitry Anastasia and her parents had many concerns about the choice of my daughter. The girl admitted that parents were troubled because of her affair with a famous football player, and sometimes even acted against. But after a personal acquaintance with Tarasov, which was held in celebration of his birthday, they changed their attitude. Now the future family peace.

But life Kostenko, despite luxury gifts, actually a little reminiscent of a beautiful story. The fact is that, taking the place of Buzova, she earned a multi-million army of detractors. Daily Anastass have to read hundreds of comments from haters.

In my defense, the model recently posted a quote from the novel “the Idiot” by Fyodor Dostoevsky: “Walk past us and forgive us our happiness!”