Pregnant Glafira Tarhanova arrived on “Kinotavr”

Беременная Глафира Тарханова прилетела на «Кинотавр»
The actress will become mother for the fourth time.

Glafira Tarkhanov

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Looking at one of the most beautiful Actresses of our cinema,
it’s hard to believe 33-year-old Glafira Tarhanova have three children and this
year she will again become a mother. The star of the series “Infidelity” not yet confirmed
officially its “interesting” situation, but it is at this period
pregnancy, when it is difficult to hide. Especially now, when Glafira
arrived in Sochi on “Kinotavr” and several times a day appears in red
the sidewalk in front of the Winter theatre before the competition shows and posing for photographers.

Recall that Glafira and her husband, actor Alexei Faddeev already
has three sons: 9-year-old Roots, 6 year old yermolai and Gordey, who is 4 years old.
“Me and my husband often ask: “You are probably from large families, since
decided on three kids?” Somehow, it is believed that this can only those
who from childhood was surrounded by brothers and sisters. But Alex is an only child,
and I’m fourteen years was my mother one,” said Tarkhanov.

Glafira, by the way, a supporter of home birth. Her firstborn appeared
the light in the hospital and it was not the most pleasant memory in the life of the actress:
“Our first son Alex was born in the hospital. I worked hard to get
genera, read a lot, went to the courses. Agreed with the midwife as soon as
will call and she will come. And in the hospital going even in the last stage,
to avoid stimulation and anesthesia. And so they did. The hospital approached,
when the breaks between contractions already almost was not. Moved there at all
closed: do staff shift change. Like poor Alex got scared! Run around
knocked on all the doors and Windows. Finally we were let in. Seeing me, the nurse in
the emergency Department has blossomed, “Oh, it’s you! We are a family “Thundering” look!
Tell me, there will be all right? Your Nastya and her brothers fate
will it work?” And so it is glory — at the most inopportune moment. Staff
treated me great, but very depressing atmosphere: tiled floor, hospital
odors, bright light, feeding and the clock. I realized that in the home
the situation for me and the baby in the first hours of life would be much more comfortable”.