Любовница Дмитрия Тарасова раскрыла тайну рождения дочки
Anastasia Kostenko commented on the rumors that became a mother.

Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko

Photo: Instagram.com

The new girlfriend of Dmitry Tarasova Anastasia Kostenko gave his first interview after a divorce footballer with Olga Buzova. The model he decided to talk with journalists after the Network broke the scandal with its participation. The fact that some girls, who introduced themselves as former classmates, Anastasia, has taken the social networking rumor that in 15 years, Russia secretly became a mother. The family Council allegedly decided to record her daughter on mother models. According to rumors, this was done to ensure that the girl was able to continue to participate in beauty contests, where there are restrictions on having children.

Knowing that she is credited with the birth of a daughter, Kostenko hastened to refute this information. It turned out that the new passion Tarasova really has a younger sister Darina, but she was born when the model was already 19 years old. Besides, according to Anastasia, she simply would not allow himself to give a daughter to the mother, because very responsible and would deal with raising the child yourself.

The model admitted that she is very worried because of gossip about her life, appearing regularly on the network. Anastasia was even forced to “close” your page from all users except friends. “To come up with this still need to try! Myself this lie can handle, but I have a younger sister and brother. They have heavier” — quoted Kostenko Wday.ru.

By the way, deny the affair with Dimitri Anastasia did not. Very soon the player will finish the repairs in their country house will now be hosting Buzova, and Kostenko. Not so long ago, Tarasov and his new girlfriend were seen at the hardware store selecting materials for finishing the house.