Анна Хилькевич пострадала от действий мошенников
Attackers managed to take the name of the actress large loan.

Anna Khilkevich

Photo: @annakhilkevich Instagram of Anna Khilkevich

Upon return of Anna Khilkevich from Dubai to Moscow, it was a nasty surprise. The actress found out that became a victim of fraud. She learned it from collectors, who suddenly demanded her debt. It turned out that the attackers managed to take the Bank in the name of having a large loan.

According to the actress, at the end of December she lost her purse with documents. Anna wrote a statement to the police, recovered the documents and forgot about this trouble. That’s only two months later, she learned that the day after the disappearance of scammers taking advantage of her passport to issue the credit.

“All of a sudden started calling my colleagues looking for me. But calls is not simple, and gold — from the banks! Like, I got loans and not give the police the loss of the documents I turned 21 Dec and credits “scored” 22 th. It turns out a little off! Only my post is not really about that. My question is: how do we tell you banks that give out loans in a foreign passport? Not checking the applicant with passport photo?

Dear representatives of the banks who are looking for me! If you see this message, please call my Director, in order to close the story. Please, let’s not spoil the credit history of each other? And then suddenly one day I want to take the fridge on credit, and I get rejected?!” — joked Anna.

Incidentally, Patriotic stars regularly become victims of fraud. The most common case is the extortion of money for microblogging blocked. Many representatives of show-business social network bring you a substantial income, so that the recovery accounts for them is not only a matter of honor.