Николай Караченцов госпитализирован в реанимацию после очередной аварии
Car 72-year-old actor has collided with a cargo “Gazelle”.

Nikolay Karachentsov with the wife


Late last night it became known, beloved by millions, the actor Nikolai Karachentsov was urgently hospitalized in the intensive care unit. It turned out that the actor has suffered another accident. The car of the actor, the driver suspected his wife Lyudmila Porgina, collided in the suburbs with a cargo “Gazelle”. It is also reported that from strong blow the car turned over.

In the car, except the actor and his wife, was another passenger. According to media reports, the doctors arrived at the scene of the accident diagnosed Karachentsov a concussion, later it became known that the actor was transferred from suburban hospital to the intensive care unit of the Institute named sklifosofskiy.

It is worth noting that 12 years ago the same day the accident occurred, Karachentsov divided his life into “before” and “after”. Then Nicholas in the accident received a head injury and has been in a coma for 26 days. After the tragedy, the artist was never able to fully recover.