Мэл Гибсон поделился первым фото своего крошечного сына
The actor dressed up as a baby on the red carpet.

Мэл Гибсон поделился первым фото своего крошечного сына

Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross


Mel Gibson is extremely proud of his offspring.
5 weeks ago he became a father for the ninth time, but from this Sunday
nobody has seen son Gibson, who was given a resounding name Lars Gerard. As reported, the boy was born quite tiny — he weighed only 2 kilos 410 grams. But some began to wonder: “And if everything was okay with the baby, if it so carefully hidden?”

However, during
my interview a few days ago, the actor finally boasted. “I want to show you something. It is a stunning picture. When I
look at him, I just can’t stop laughing!” — said Mel — and showed
a photo of his son, which was made on a mobile phone. For
this “photo shoot” Gibson and his girlfriend Rosalind Ross had the idea to dress up baby
in overalls, resembling a tuxedo with pants. And added to this “evening
suit” bow tie! In this garb babe looks irresistible.

Lars Gerard Gibson

Photo: freeze frame television

This is an interview with a reporter of one of the channels took Mel on the red carpet ceremony “Oscar”. The actor went there primarily because claimed to receive the coveted statuette. His anti-war drama “For reasons of conscience” was awarded of six nominations, including the category “Best film”. However, in the end, his film received only two Academy awards, and secondarily for “Best editing” and “Best sound editing”. However, Mal still has reason to be proud. After all, he was able to return to the “Oscar clip” 20 years later. The previous nomination, which brought him a gold-plated statue, Gibson got in the distant 1996 for their historical drama “Braveheart.”