Mistress Banderas showed amazing slender legs

Любовница Бандераса показала потрясающе стройные ножки
Nicole Kimpel eclipsed actor at the festival in Deauville.

Antonio Banderas and Nicole Kimpel


Appearing at the Deaville film festival American Film Festival in
France, 37-year-old Nicole Kimpel
made such a strong impression that Antonio Banderas, who
had brought her there, it is “lost” on its background. All only looked at Nicole,
chosen for its appearance extremely outfit. A friend of actor
shone in a white mini dress with eye-catching embroidery, which allowed Kimpel show it
the impressive beauty of her slender legs. Some of the guests came to the conclusion that
not a figure certainly not worse, and maybe better than Angelina Jolie.

However, Banderas, marched along the red carpet near
beloved, do not look unhappy. On the contrary, he is clearly proud of his
friend, which certainly takes with him to important events. Although Antonio
and Nicole is still not officially married, this summer spread the news
that 56-year-old Antonio Banderas, not involving
the event undue attention, got engaged with his girlfriend Nicole Kimpel,
which occurs for almost 4 years.

Recall: an affair with Nicole, which
as many as 19 years younger than the actor, ensued Antonio in 2014. And, as
claimed evil tongues, this was the last straw that hit him
18-year-old marriage to Melanie Griffith. But the actor flatly denied such
charges, claiming that he actually broke up with Griffith for more
a few months before he met Nicole.

Incidentally, all guests of the festival in Deauville, drew
note that the actor who survived last winter in serious trouble with
health, looked much more cheerful. He seems well recovered from
a serious heart attack, which happened in his Feb.