Rumors about the reunion of Jolie and pitt received a new confirmation

Слухи о воссоединении Джоли и Питта получили новое подтверждение
Two cars of the actor seen on the estate of Angelina.

Angelina Jolie and brad pitt


Looks like
the rumors, stubbornly plying the last time in Hollywood was not
groundless. The fact that reporters were able to get a confirmation
stay at pitt house Jolie. Paparazzi has made a number of pictures throughout
likely, by helicopter, or “drone”, where you can clearly see
two cars owned by brad and parked in the Parking lot on
the estate of the actress in Los Feliz.

it would, of course, to think that the 53 – year-old pitt just came to visit their children. But
why would he then immediately two cars? Not to mention the fact that reporters never
after the start of divorce failed to spot the visiting brad house Jolie. This picture invokes thoughts about what brad settled in the mansion of the actress. Meeting the children with the father took place, or
neutral territory, or in his house, by the way, just 5
minutes from the gates of the house of Angelina.

Suspicious reporters seemed also
what is happening on the territory adjacent to the house of the actor. First
some time ago, I was stopped with the repairs, which he started
in the spring in order to accommodate all the needs of children. The pool looks
absolutely abandoned. Moreover, the photos showed that children’s
the Playground, built near his home, was recently dismantled…

the first suspicions about a possible reunion with Pete planted itself Jolie, who in his
the last interview almost with tears lamented her bad one, said
she absolutely did not want and now really suffering. Besides, she
to afford such a phrase: “the Past year has been unbearably difficult for me with
emotional point of view, as the fact of divorce with Pete…” From what some
came to the conclusion that the actress has not calculated the forces and has regretted her
the decision

star biographer Ian Halperin, in its turn, also confirmed that
available insider information, pitt and Jolie started Dating. As
noticed Halperin, over the past year, both actors have come a long way and a lot of
I worked on myself and now ready to start a new stage of relations. The efforts of pitt to
this area more known to the public, because in a recent interview with brad
disarming frankness
told about his past mistakes. He told about his struggle with
alcoholism, recognized that there was a better father to the six children of the couple and took
the blame in the collapse of the marriage. At the same time Angelina, although not
did loud statements, too, had worked very hard and found the courage
to forgive brad.