«Мисс вселенная-2015″ Пиа Вуртцбах встречается со звездой Инстаграма

The winner of the contest “Miss universe 2015” Pia Wurzbach had an affair with the star of social networks , by Dr. Mike, who is known as the sexiest doctor Instagram.

«Мисс вселенная-2015″ Пиа Вуртцбах встречается со звездой Инстаграма
Pia itself does not confirm information about their romance, but Dr. Mike decided to not make it a secret. During one recent interview he said that his model and the associated romantic relationship.

“Yes, we meet with a copy. This relationship is new and exciting, I wonder where they will take us” said Dr. Mike.
Rumors that “Miss universe 2015” Pia Wurzbach meets with the star of the social network began a month ago, when on his page in Instagram Mike published a photo with a copy and signed it: “She told me that you wanted to be a doctor until I realized that he was afraid the sight of blood. So she decided to become “Miss universe””.
Soon Pius and published them with Mike a photograph taken after sport.
“Zombies are after the box” — she wrote under the photo.

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