Претендент на отцовство сына Жанны Фриске впервые рассказал правду 32-year-old lawyer Radik Gushchin apologized to the family of the singer. The man admitted that he did not want to hurt the family and friends of Jeanne Friske, and therefore feels obliged to tell, how all was actually.

      Претендент на отцовство сына Жанны Фриске впервые рассказал правду

      In December of last year all the news was a shocking message – a 32-year-old Radik Gushchin, a lawyer from Kolomna, said that he, and not Dmitry Shepelev can be a two-year-old Plato. Last week, the man dropped the case and decided to apologize to my father, mother and sister of the singer through the “StarHit”.

      “I never knew Jeanne,” he admitted Radik Gushchin

      “I never knew Jeanne, said Radik. – In 2011 I didn’t have stable work. A donation to a sperm Bank, brought in a good income. One of the doctors at the time told me that Zhanna Friske allegedly looking for a prospective donor to a future child, she wanted to initiate the procedure of in vitro fertilization. Said and told, I quickly forgot about it. Soon found a stable job, married, we have his wife was born the son Damir, the contemporary of Plato. After in June 2015 was not Jeanne, I read a lot about it on the Internet, and when I saw the photo of his son, it seemed to me that he like me. And here I thought that I can be the father of Plato. The chance is one in a million, but still… I am a Muslim, and we don’t abandon children. Therefore, after consulting with his wife, I appealed with the claim to Hamovnichesky court of Moscow.

      Son of Janna Friske will remain with the father

      Due to legal formalities I had to specify that we are with Jeanne linked romantic relationship, but it is certainly not true. The process has been much delayed, the examination to establish paternity will not do, and there are a lot of hype, which only aggravates the situation and harms the family of Joan. So I dropped the claim, the case is closed. My apologies to the parents of Jeanne – Vladimir Ivanov and Olga, her sister Natalia and Dimitri shepelevu. I had no malice, did not think that all so will turn. Excuse me!”

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