Two year old daughter Tanya Tereshin for the first time, the replaced image

Двухлетняя дочь Тани Терешиной впервые сменила имидж Girl pop singer, changing images as gloves, is growing like a mother. But the ARIS Tanya Tereshin more like dad – TV presenter Vyacheslav Nikitin, from which she left a year ago.

      Двухлетняя дочь Тани Терешиной впервые сменила имидж

      Girl Tanya Tereshin the growing very similar to mom and learning to be an artist from the cradle. The singer recently surprised at how good ARIS managed to transform into another person. It reminded Tanya Tereshin the baby’s dad, TV presenter Vyacheslav Nikitin. Pop star did not fail to apply to him, to the father appreciated the appearance of the girls. “As if it’s you!” – wrote the singer. In addition, a photograph of ARIS, replaced the image, Tereshina gave the following hashtags on Instagram: “change of image”, “My superdog”, “All to mother”.

      Fans of the Tereshin pricked her little miracle. They recalled, too, that the artist herself has repeatedly changed hairstyles and hair color – she was a blonde, a brunette, with short and long EHS, went on experiments, like pink hair. “Be the beauty”, “so Funny”, “Becoming like mother”, “Beauty”, “Hedgehog”, “What are eyes”, “Little Princess”, “in Her films be it” – was written by the followers of Tanya in the comments to publish with ARIS. Someone also found that the girl resembles a character cartoons. To mind fans of the singer came different associations: some have compared a child with domovenka Kuzya, another thought that baby like the characters “Arthur and the minimoys” by Luc Besson. There were those who found ARIS a copy of Lion from the cartoon about the animal and the turtle.

      Двухлетняя дочь Тани Терешиной впервые сменила имидж

      We also recall that Tatiana Tereshina, and V. Nikitin lived in a civil marriage some years. The daughter of artist and TV star was born in December 2013. Tereshina and Nikitin decided to call it the unusual name of ARIS, in Arabic it’s the name of a flower resembling a Lily. From the earliest days daughter Tereshina shared with his fans emotions from the birth of the child. So, it noted that it is a copy of the Pope, they have the same eyes and similar facial features.

      In 2015 celebrity couple broke up. The singer explained that the bad character of its former second half. According to the Tereshin, excessive aggressiveness and unbalanced Nikitin was a threat not only to her but also to loved ones of the pop star. This news was a complete surprise for fans of the singer. No one imagined that a seemingly happy relationship can hide problems between partners.

      Now Tanya Tereshina alone, but not upset because of the lack of life in its second half. Pop star leads a bright, eventful life, photos which periodically shares with fanatami in his microblog. However, periodically Tereshina begins to complain to the subscribers, it’s hard to be without men. For example, once the singer had to independently dig out their cars from snowdrifts on the street. In recognition Thani, at this point sturdy and strong it would be very useful.

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