Гонщик Фернандо Алонсо едва не погиб на Гран-При

Fernando Alonso, the famous racing driver, was nearly killed during a race at the Grand Prix in Australia. On the track during turning racing car McLaren collided with the car team of Haas Esteban Guttierrez, lost a wheel, overturned and crashed into a bump.

As a result of collision survived only capsule pilot, and it saved the life of Alonso. From the piles of scrap metal, which seconds before had been the car, Fernando got himself barefoot and went into the pits. Having recovered, the athlete commented on his luck.

“I’m fine, but I still need time to recover. The accident was very serious. With Esteban we are very lucky that we survived. At a speed of three hundred kilometers per hour we sometimes forget that this is a dangerous fight. Here, any little contact could lead to a huge accident. I am grateful to the developers of these cars that I’m safe, alive and able to talk to you,” said Alonso.
By the way, the Grand Prix was won by German Nico Rosberg of Mercedes, and the representative of the Russian Daniil Kvyat failed to take off due to technical problems with the car.

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