Mishulin, Kazachenko, Magomayev: illegitimate children of famous parents

Мишулин, Казаченко, Магомаев: внебрачные дети знаменитых родителей “StarHit” recalls the scandalous stories from the personal life of stars. Many actors and singers were not even aware of the existence of heirs for as long as they do not decide to get in touch with them.
Мишулин, Казаченко, Магомаев: внебрачные дети знаменитых родителей

The appearance of the baby is always a joy for parents. However, sometimes the birth of an heir becomes a surprise for the celebrities. The recent scandalous story associated with the illegitimate heir of Spartaka Mishulina, ended positively. Karina and Timur are trying to establish relationships and become a family.

However, not every star turns out to take suddenly appearing son or daughter. Often these stories end in litigation and the struggle for the inheritance.

“StarHit” decided to recall the most resonant cases of the personal life of musicians and actors.


Мишулин, Казаченко, Магомаев: внебрачные дети знаменитых родителей

In mid-October, the whole country knew about the young actor Timur Eremeeva. The man claimed he is the illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina. These hypotheses were touching the only daughter of the famous artist Karina, who refused to believe in the truthfulness of the words of the alleged brother.

Timur Eremeev – son of Spartaka Mishulina. The whole history of the conflict between relatives

After several television broadcasts young woman even decided to sue Timur, accusing him of slander. But the man suspiciously knew a lot about the Mishulin. He cited the facts that prove a love affair between the artist and his mother.

“We have often seen. I’ve been on almost all performances of his father. Was often behind the scenes. I understand perfectly the reaction of Karina and her mom, because they didn’t know about my existence,” said Timur
Мишулин, Казаченко, Магомаев: внебрачные дети знаменитых родителей

Karina Mishulina after much debate, were still able to find her father, which preserved his DNA with a Y-chromosome. She chose the clinic, where he carried out a genetic examination. As a result, it was proved that Timur is the successor of the famous artist.

“The answer to the question of whether Eremeev Mr. Timur Sergeevich to be the son of a male person, on the basis of props belonging Mishulin Spartak Vasilyevich. The probability that he is the biological son is 99,9999%,” – said TV presenter Dmitry Borisov in the program “Let them talk”.

Karina Mishulina was shocked by the results of the examination. However, the young woman found the strength to make contact with a relative. Now the heirs of the actor trying to communicate and become a family.


Мишулин, Казаченко, Магомаев: внебрачные дети знаменитых родителей

In 2017, the illegitimate heir allegedly appeared and Muslim Magomayev. A certain Irina Korotkova claimed that many years ago, I met a singer in the lobby, and after a short acquaintance they have a relationship. The result of a passionate love affair was the daughter of Veronica.

Alleged daughter of Muslim Magomayev learned the truth about his father

“We met with him in six months. He called a couple of times, I refused to see him because I had nobody to leave the child”, – said Irina Korotkova in the program “really”.
Мишулин, Казаченко, Магомаев: внебрачные дети знаменитых родителей

In the hometown of the woman no one believed, so she decided to tell her story in TV transmission. To prove the kinship with Magomayev, his alleged daughter Veronica agreed to undergo a DNA examination.

However, the results were negative. According to the experts, Veronica Korotkov is not the successor of Magomayev. Here only the girl’s mother doesn’t want to believe in the veracity of the DNA test. In the program she stated that she knows the truth and will not abandon their own version of events.


Мишулин, Казаченко, Магомаев: внебрачные дети знаменитых родителей

Human rights activist Kirill Gilyarov for many years tried to prove the relationship with the actor Vasily Livanov. According to the man, his mother met with the executor of a role of Sherlock Holmes in the Studio “Soyuzmultfilm”, after which they began a short-term affair.

For the first time about who is his father, Cyril learned at the age of twelve years. He tried to contact a relative, but Lebanon refused flatly to communicate with a possible heir.

“Boy don’t call here again, or you will be very, very bad. Give it up, while it blew my mind. I’ll send you to a prison for minors,” Cyril argues that this is what he said Vasily Borisovich, when he informed the actor about their relationship.

The truth was revealed in the program “really”. Ex-daughter-in-law Livanov gave the biomaterial granddaughter of Vasily Borisovich for genetic testing. As a result, a DNA test showed the impossibility of relationships Gilyarov with the renowned artist.


Мишулин, Казаченко, Магомаев: внебрачные дети знаменитых родителей

In 2010, Denis Klyaver officially recognized that the father of daughters of eve Polna. This news was an absolute sensation for fans of artists. The fact that of their affair and no one even knew existed.

Heiress Eva was born in 2005, but the young mother refused to talk about the father of the girls. It was later revealed that Dennis was in contact with a little Evelyn from childhood. The singer continues to see the girl, give her gifts and delight in unexpected surprises.

Fans suggest that the novel stars did not last long before pregnancy for both of them was a big surprise. However, the fans support the Klyaver the desire to communicate with heir no matter what.


Мишулин, Казаченко, Магомаев: внебрачные дети знаменитых родителей

Western star has also faced scandals suddenly appeared illegitimate heirs. However, the most resonant was the case of the iron Arnie.

After leaving the post of Governor of California, Schwarzenegger decided to tell wife Maria Shriver about the old affair with their housekeeper. As it turned out, the man was ten years older illegitimate son Joseph.

The news came as a surprise for the spouse of the actor. She rushed to file the divorce papers. In the end, the couple broke up after 25 years of marriage. Now Schwarzenegger is in no hurry to advertise personal life. It is rumored that he maintains a relationship with four children from Shriver and the illegitimate son.


Мишулин, Казаченко, Магомаев: внебрачные дети знаменитых родителей

The fact that Valentina GAFTA is the illegitimate son revealed in 2014. This was announced by the actor himself. According to the man, he did not know about the birth of a boy after a short novel. When the truth came to light, the artist hastened to contact with the grown-up heir.

Valentin I. and Vadim first met in the programme “Tonight”. Gaft said that his son is a real gift of fate, because it is thanks to its friendliness took all kinds of obstacles for their communication.

“No need to feel the responsibility of being a father to me. I love you as a great friend, which makes itself felt in my veins,” – said Vadim.

The son of the famous actor for 43 years. He lives and works in Brazil. Now, when relatives know about each other, they often try to call and to maintain friendly relations.


Мишулин, Казаченко, Магомаев: внебрачные дети знаменитых родителей

In October 2017 the guest of the Studio program “Let them talk” was Vlad Romantsova. She claimed that she is the daughter of singer Vadim Kazachenko. According to 24-year-old girl, the musician met her mother during one of the concerts.

Vlad learned about the relationship with the contractor in first class, but get in touch with him decided just now. Senior program Romantsova invited to undergo a DNA test. The girl wanted to resolve the issue without bringing attention to himself, but Kazachenko refused to talk to her.

The former wife of Vadim Kazachenko supported his illegitimate daughter

Biomaterial for examination provided the former wife of Vadim and Olga Kozachenko. A young woman gave birth to the singer’s son Philip, whom he also refused to recognize the heir.

“The results of genetic analysis suggest that Vlad and Philip can be polysilicate (the so-called master relationship) with probability 94,88%”, – announced the results of the study Dmitry Borisov.
Мишулин, Казаченко, Магомаев: внебрачные дети знаменитых родителей

So it became clear that Vadim Kazachenko is the father of Vlad. A few months later, genetic testing was able to prove the relationship of an artist with a son of Olga Philip. However, the musician continues to fight with ex-wife, now wanting to sue her and year-old heir to the house.


Мишулин, Казаченко, Магомаев: внебрачные дети знаменитых родителей

Famous Director for many years refused to comment on rumors about the novel with Julia Peresild. The first silence was broken by the actress. In September 2017 it said that the father of her two daughters is Alexey Uchitel.

Alexei Uchitel and Julia Peresild brought to light grown children

Later in an interview for the program “One day” the man admitted that he had two young children. Eight-year-old Anna and five year old Maria had a great talk with my dad, and recently Julia and Alex came out together with heirs. They gladly posed for photographers, but refused to comment on the status of their relationship.

Fans believe that the romance between Director and actress began in the mid-2000s. Peresild, and the Teacher did not want to attract attention to their relations, because men at that time were married. Now, apparently, in the relationship of partners, there is complete harmony.


Мишулин, Казаченко, Магомаев: внебрачные дети знаменитых родителей

What famous singer is the illegitimate son became known in 2011. The man confirmed it himself in the program “You wouldn’t believe!”.

“My son is now 25 years old. We have not seen. It is very similar to the mother. The shape of the eyes and other stuff — all inherited from her. To me the similarity is low,” said the artist.

The illegitimate heir Alexander was born after his short romance with girlfriend is Hungarian.

From the fans was not lost, that at the time of the birth of his son Alexei Buynov was already married to Helen Gutman, where you married until now. Apparently, the beloved musician was able to forgive him for treason.

Now Alexander and Alena absolutely happy together. Violent never tires of telling his wife in love, emphasizing that this is the woman he sought all his life


In June 2017, thundered the news that the popular singer of the 90s had an illegitimate son. 21-year-old Maxim claimed that his mother met Gubin after the concert, after which they spent the night together.

The young man stressed that he does not need the glory of the father. The only thing Maxim wants to know their true origin. However, Gubin flatly denied his version of events. According to singer, he can’t be heirs.

Named son Andrei Gubin: “I want nothing from him is not necessary”

“I know that I have always had a certain cleanliness to relations with women. I watched very carefully, because he knew that for women abortion is a serious thing. Don’t deny that twenty years ago I walked and hung out with girls in different cities when he was on tour through Russia. Anything could happen. But if this guy is serious — please meet him in court,” – said Gubin.

The artist refused to be tested for a DNA test. 21-year-old max hopes he can establish contact with the singer and become a if not the son, then at least a friend.