Жена Андрея Аршавина готовит судебный иск после инцидента в самолете Alice Kazmina was removed from the flight, along with two children. A young woman reported that she was asked to leave the plane, as she changed the diaper of the youngest daughter. She intends not to leave this behavior of the flight attendants and the airline unpunished.
Жена Андрея Аршавина готовит судебный иск после инцидента в самолете

Wife of Andrei Arshavin was in the midst of scandal because of the riot, arranged on Board the aircraft. The young woman was removed from the flight Moscow — Alma-ATA after she refused to fasten the seat belt and to take its place. According to flight attendants, Kazmina was rude, ignoring requests of the personnel of the aircraft.

Alice herself refutes the version of events provided by the employees of the airline. According to her, the actions of the flight attendants were totally unfounded.

“We sat on the plane and on the loudspeaker announced that the flight is delayed for 15 minutes. Then I realized that Esenii need to change a diaper. I began to do this, the child is very soiled. The flight attendant said that we smell. She began to demand, that we took our seats, I buckled child. I had to wear a diaper on the Eseniya and put it right so bare. However, the flight attendant brought us a paper and said that they unfold the plane and drop me off,” – said the wife of a famous footballer.
Жена Андрея Аршавина готовит судебный иск после инцидента в самолете

According to Kazemini, police officers, arrived on Board, to accompany her, was astonished. Alice had to re-register seven suitcases and a room in the hotel.

The young woman is not going to leave this situation unattended. She wrote the application for the flight attendant and the airline, intending to sue them.

“And if it was a normal girl with two small children? If she couldn’t get a hotel room, buy new tickets? She had to sleep on the floor in the airport! It is a cruel treatment of children, it is criminal article. A complete mess, you don’t do that. I’ll make sure the stewardess will be removed from the flight, and she will appear in court. Will also require explanations from the airline,” – said Kazmin.

Now the wife Arshavin is in the airport and waiting for a new flight. A young woman noted that her mood was spoiled because of this situation.

TV channel “Ren-TV” talked with representatives of the press service of the airline, which adhere to absolutely other point of view. They argue that Kazmina walked through the cabin and ignored the requests of the staff to take his seat and buckle up. Apparently, in details to understand the court.