Mischa Barton was at the centre of a sex scandal

Миша Бартон оказалась в центре секс-скандала Recently in the Internet appeared the information on the sale of home videos of actress Mischa Barton. Shocked the celebrity claims that she takes revenge on ex-boyfriend. The lawyer of the artist regarded his actions as a crime.

      The 31-year-old actress Mischa Barton has experienced a series of scandals. Unknown attackers managed to find a video of erotic nature involving star. Later they put the entry up for sale, estimating it at half a million dollars. It is reported that the movie attracted representatives of several major companies in the production of adult films.

      She Misha admits that shocked. Celebrity did not expect that her personal archive ever hacked and try to cash in on it.

      Recently the star and her lawyer Lisa bloom held a press conference to clarify its position about what happened. Mike is confident that the abduction and subsequent implementation of explicit video – the handiwork of her ex-boyfriend, whose name the artist has chosen not to name. The actress openly admitted that it is extremely difficult to talk about what happened.

      “I just want to say that you survived an incredibly difficult time. This is a very painful situation, and I felt absolute fear when he learned that the man I loved and whom he trusted, had made such private moments with hidden cameras without my consent. And then I learned something even worse – that someone is trying to sell these videos and to publish them” – shared the star.

      Celebrity supported her lawyer Lisa bloom. The judge also said that all who will distribute personal data Barton, will suffer punishment for it. Lisa does not hide his indignation by the publication of an intimate video recording involving her client.

      “This is a disgusting phenomenon called “revenge porn,” and it can be considered a form of sexual violence and crime. I and my client will not tolerate this and will fight for our rights. And all those who are trying to watch and even more to distribute explicit photos or video of Mrs. Barton, will be prosecuted according to the law,” – said the lawyer.

      Recall that in January of this year, the actress was acting peculiar, and then he was in the hospital. After some time Misha was discharged from the medical institution and said that she was set up by unknown attackers. Barton said that someone slipped her a cocktail of banned substances. “This is a lesson for all young women – be considerate of your surroundings,” said the celebrity. Mischa Barton put in a mental hospital