Ольга Бузова устроила торжественный прием The presenter encouraged the winners of the competition, which she spent in the Network. Olga Buzova paid for the flight and accommodation of the girls, and gave them intimate meeting. Participants noted that after the attention which they paid a celebrity, he began to receive various offers.

      Ольга Бузова устроила торжественный прием

      Recently TV presenter Olga Buzova had a contest for its eight millionth audience in the social network. Olga asked everyone to shoot the video for her song “Used”. As admitted the singer to take part expressed a desire not only loyal fans but also her colleagues. New video of Olga Buzova brought fans to tears

      The winners were four talented girls from different cities of Russia: 17-year-old Alina Makushkina and Lily Soluyanova from Saransk, 26-year-old Kharisova Dilyara from the city of Aznakaevo and 23-year-old Viorica Voziyan from Syktyvkar. Buzova personally paid for the flight participants, gave them the best rooms of the Metropolitan hotel “Cosmos” and was given the opportunity to choose any dress from her own clothing line OLGA BUZOVA DESIGN. But the main prize for the winners was the elegant dinner in one of the best restaurants of Moscow “Swallow”. Olga took full responsibility for the array of dishes that this day will be remembered for her fans.

      “I decided to bring my girls to my favorite place, it means a lot to me – said Buzova. I have experienced a variety of emotions and important moments: the wedding, birthday and divorce.”

      The winners, in turn, has decided to please your darling and sing her a song “Used”. The girls had a wonderful opportunity to exchange with Olga warm words and hand over the Souvenirs. One of the participants, Viorica, asked the singer to star in her video. It turned out that the girl wants to connect his life with directing. Once she became the winner in such a contest, only the promise of meeting a celebrity and not followed.

      “I didn’t believe her – recognized Viorica. – I already had a bitter experience, but after you have the tickets – luckily there was no limit!”

      For several hours at the table fell silent mental conversations. All shared the emotions, feelings and asked different leading questions, talked about himself and plans for the future. After a delicious dessert, the singer said goodbye to her fans, signed autographs and promised that he would continue to hold contests and fan-meetings. According to Buzova, there is still one winner, which she is going to encourage the arrival in his hometown of St. Petersburg. It became a funny parrot that has won the singer his sense of rhythm and dancing to her hit.

      How did you learn the “StarHit”, winning the competition Olga Buzova has changed the lives of the winners. Already a few days the number of followers in their Instagram has increased significantly. The girls even started receiving offers on advertising. But there is a downside – a negative reaction from other participants. She sincerely says that he personally appreciated all of the work.

      “When I watched videos, I realized that each has experienced that story in their own way and have felt my condition continues Buzova. – This means that I did everything right! For me, the clip is symbolic – it was important for me, how to accept it. Very touched by the message of the Pope…”

      The father of celebrity Igor Dmitriyevich Buzov was watching daughter’s success, and share achievement of heir. He was one of the first who watched the video for the song “Used”. Dad Olga sent her a message: “…very Much. Sometimes it’s creepy. I’m proud of you”.