Мишу Бартон упекли в психбольницу The star of the show “Lonely hearts” was urgently hospitalized. Paparazzi and law enforcement officers witnessed the tantrum of a celebrity. Mischa Barton was screaming that the world is crumbling before her eyes and accused his mother of witchcraft.

      Western journalists report that the infamous actress Mischa Barton was urgently hospitalized. The girl has had problems with drugs, but now she seems to have crossed all boundaries. A celebrity was in the back yard of the house in his shirt and shouted that her mother was a witch, and the world is destroyed. At some point, Mike fell to the ground with a cry: “Oh my God, it’s over! I can feel it, and he’s mad”.

      Neighbors of Barton, is extremely concerned about what is happening, called the police. Arrived at the scene, law enforcement officers found that Misha had to seek the assistance of medical professionals. As a result, star was sent to a psychiatric hospital. According to correspondents, Barton did not resist.

      Fans of Misha, who learned about her mental condition began to seriously worry about your favorite star. They write to her encouraging comments in social networks. “I hope you feel better”, “Pray for you”, “get Well”, “We all hope that you’ll feel better”, “Believe you can cope with all problems. It will be hard, but we are with you” – discussed the Barton fans.

      Note that recently, the actress celebrated her birthday. 24 Jan Mike turned 31, on this occasion she threw a big party. Some members of the star suspect in this regard, she abused illicit substances and alcohol. Earlier, the actress was repeatedly “caught” taking drugs and was fined for drunk driving. Rumor has it that the passion for strong drink has played with Burton a cruel joke, and that’s because they star strongly recovered a couple of years ago.

      Recall that in 2009, Mischa Barton was already placed on treatment in the hospital. Then it had enforced. It was rumored that Mischa was hospitalized due to problems with drugs and alcohol, but the star denied. In an interview, Barton said that was forced to go to the doctor. The celebrity claimed that she cut her wisdom teeth, so she urgently needed medical assistance. She has also admitted to having experienced emotional distress, but not as strong as written in the press.