Поклонники Ольги Бузовой в Грозном пошутили о ее бывшем муже The presenter for the second time celebrated his birthday. Olga visited the Banquet in the capital of the Chechen Republic, and also visited the fashion house. For Buzova made by local artists who impressed her not only vocal data, but also a sense of humor.

      Olga Buzova spent a few days in the Chechen Republic. As suggested by its subscribers, the presenter went back to work. In the framework of his visit, the star of the reality show “Dom-2” was attended by the fashion house “Firdaws”, which produces clothing for Muslim women. Olga tried on several outfits in the floor under them with a suitable headdress. Buzova appreciated the cut and the materials from which clothing is made. The head of the fashion house Aishat Kadyrova gave the presenter an exclusive gown with train, decorated with flowers.

      “They are in a fairy tale! Another world… the Atmosphere is very warm, friendly. Feel the love in everything”, – shared his impressions of Olga.

      The cultural program Buzova included a visit to a local landmark – the mosque “Heart of Chechnya”. Besides, the girl was able to see the city from height of bird’s flight. Despite the snowstorm and wind, Olga shot a video of the environs of Grozny.

      In the evening Olga had a real Banquet hosted in honour of her last birthday. Local artists performed songs in which he congratulated the presenter on the holiday and wish a lot of love and happiness.

      In the video shared by the star of “House-2” imprinted excerpts from performances. One treatment is very amused Buzova.

      “Good afternoon, Olga! Welcome to Chechen Republic! Before you are former fans of “Locomotive” – said a group of young men in suits.

      So the guys made a joke about the ex-husband of the star, footballer Dmitry Tarasov, with whom she divorced in December last year. The athlete plays for this football club. Many have said that the popularity Tarasov brought him Roman with Buzova. The striker “Locomotive” believes that his name has nothing to show business. Dmitry Tarasov first spoke about the hype surrounding the divorce

      Fans of Olga Buzova was delighted with the dresses that she showed in the pictures from the trip. “You’re wonderful”, “Olga, this is how you style”, “Olga you look amazing!”, “You are so pretty! Just no words! Here is direct your looks, you were incredible!”, “Gorgeous dress, I would wear,” wrote social media users.