Borodin helps Sobchak with shopping for my son

Бородина помогает Собчак с шопингом для сына The presenter gives advice to ex-colleague. At the moment husband Maxim Vitorgan looking for new furniture for the heir of Plato. Sobchak appealed to the fans with the question. One of those who had assisted her, Ksenia Borodina.

      Бородина помогает Собчак с шопингом для сына

      Becoming parents of adorable boy Plato, Ksenia Sobchak and Maxim Vitorgan constantly trying to find unique things that would please their son. As the child grows up quickly, famous couple thought that it is time to buy a new crib. During a visit to the store, the television star looked the two models. A young woman was difficult to make a choice, so she decided to appeal to its subscribers.

      “What do you recommend: with painting or without?” asked Sobchak.

      Most followers of Kim and said that she should buy a normal plain bed, as pictures with characters from fairy tales can distract the grown boy. An ex-colleague of the telestroke Sobchak Ksenia Borodina, who has two daughters, offered to buy model located on the picture on the right. According to the leading “House-2”, her youngest daughter Teona just such a bed.

      By the way, Sobchak carefully prepared for the birth of the son, and so I repaired one of the rooms for a child. Shortly before his birth, the chief editor of the periodical and her husband bought all the furniture for the room. According to friends of the couple, Maxim and Ksenia gain for the heir only the highest quality products.

      “The family Council decided that the kid’s bedroom will be bright and pastel colours. Chose for a boy wooden lockers and dressing room white in color with cartoon pictures. Xenia filled the room with plush toys. For example, in Plato there is a developmental Mat “Island singing monkey” and a talking duck. To walk the baby two strollers: one for the warm season, the other winter. When the boy had first birthday – one month, the parents gave him jewelry bracelet Louis Vuitton,” said a family friend Vladislav.

      Motherhood did not prevent the Xenia to lead an active social life. Sobchak is still attending fashion shows and movie premieres. Recently, she visited the screening of Fyodor Bondarchuk’s “Gravity.” Besides, the young woman manages the magazine and takes part in recordings of television programs. According to colleagues of Xenia, she has become more active and more fun after the birth of her son.