Миша Бартон боится мести экс-бойфренда

All the videos that you shoot in the bedroom, can be used against you. Hollywood actress Mischa Barton knows this firsthand. Celebrity worries that her ex-boyfriend will distribute copies of a sex tape with her, which remains in his hands.

Last month, the artist won a lawsuit against former young man, made an attempt to glorify Misha in the film industry. Learning that John Zacharias was the name of the scoundrel offers their home video porn sites, Barton sued him in court and won the case. The court decided to ban the man to distribute the video, but copies of it remained. The decision of the court upheld the Mike, but not quite – last Friday, she again went to court and demanded the seizure of all copies of the video that remained with John. At the same time, Barton said that these copies may be stored at her other former lover Adam SPO that, everything else, and follows her, like Zechariah.
Now John is forbidden to approach Mike or contact her in any way, it’s will and Adam, who is not in court, citing family circumstances.