Nick Gordon called innocent in domnam violence

Ник Гордон назван невиновным в домшнем насилии

The investigators did not see evidence of violence in the actions of the former civil husband of the deceased, Bobbi Kristina brown nick Gordon in relation to his beloved. Young man healed himself of glory addict aggressor, acquitted of beating his new passion, Lil Laura and her abduction.

Recall that last month, nick Gordon was detained by police after he in the bar struck his girlfriend, forcibly seated her in the car and drove to his home. Eyewitnesses claimed that the finale was the scene of jealousy, played out in one of the pubs. Called to the scene, the police quickly established that Nick and his girlfriend are at his house. There they arrested Gordon. He didn’t resist and followed the police station came a few hours later, paying a Deposit. Trial he stayed at liberty, however. pledged to wear a GPS monitor on my leg.
Following the hearing, Nick was found not guilty on all charges, despite the testimony of the girl. She claimed to have experienced the same treatment as previously experienced, Bobbi Kristina brown, the former civil wife of Gordon. The latter was found in a bathtub in 2015. It managed to revive, but six months later, not regaining consciousness, she died. Relatives of Christina are confident that if not the police and this high-profile situation, it would be dead, like them Chrissy. In the same convinced and she Laura. Whatever it was, but her words were not enough to convince the judge of guilt of nick.