Became known the real names of the children of Beyonce and JAY-Z

Стали известны настоящие имена детей Бейонсе и ДЖЕЙ-ЗИ

It became known as beyoncé and JAY-Z named their children, and it’s not Sean and BEA. Mr. and Mrs. Carter still continue to withhold not only the names of heirs, which, for a moment, turned to three weeks, but the very fact of their birth is still not confirmed officially. Because around this event so many rumors. Thus, some media reported that celebrities decided to name their children after their favorite themselves – Beatrice (as beyoncé) and Shawn (real name of JAY-Z), but this information turned out to be fiction.

Now insiders claim that the artists came up with for their children very different names – Rumi Sir and, moreover, fearing competition, beyoncé immediately patented their names as a trademark. Recall that for the eldest daughter she’s still suing the hostess of the event company, which is so called his organization for five years before the birth of their first child blue ivy Carter.