Mischa Barton has started a new novel

Миша Бартон завела новый роман
The actress looked younger with happiness.

Mischa Barton


The star of the show “Lonely
heart” — 31-year-old actress and model Mischa Barton is happy again. It seems that a prolonged
band troubles in her life left behind. The actress feels great
and it looks fine. And the reason for all these changes — her new novel. About it
announced the publication of star magazine.co.uk.

Reportedly, the actress
started Dating Australian Jasmon Abercrombie. Incidentally, the new
boyfriend Barton — not a poor man. He is the son of Australian businessman
Andrew Abercromby whose fortune exceeds $ 500 million.

They were first spotted together on
the public last month. It became the official companion of Misha at the Cannes
Festival. And back in
Los Angeles, they hardly ever parted.

Roman and Andrew raised Misha
the mood after the recent scandal connected with the fact that some of her former
“merged” in the Network video sexy
content with her part, shot, according to Barton, in secret and without her
permission. Mike suspects in this act of one of their ex – Boyfriends — Jon Zacharias or Adam Spaw.
The actress had to go to court to seek a ban on further
distribute the video, however it already managed to see a lot of users
The Internet.

A few months ago with
Barton happened another unpleasant story. According to Misha, someone
spiked her drink some kind of psychotropic drug, resulting in Barton
behaved so wildly that the neighbors called an ambulance and she was hospitalized.