Ksenia Alferova confessed his love to her grandmother

Ксения Алферова призналась в любви к бабушке
Popular actress spent the day with the closest friends.

Ksenia Alferova with her mother and grandmother

Ksenia Alferova, which is always with great love and warmth
talked about his family, shared his thoughts on how important it is to be
tolerant, and how to appreciate their loved ones.

“Today, our
traditional grandma in a nearby favorite cafe was especially happy to
we were joined by my mom! — says Ksenia. — How great to get together,
chat! I often myself am relatively a account of my Granny. Start
annoyed or not something will respond or will do and here in my head:
“I’m very sorry, when women will not, but fix nothing
they will have to live with it!” Irritation immediately dissipated, and there
warmth and tenderness. Take care of your loved ones as often as possible and talk about your
love! And never leave the fight, leaving for work or walking
dog, hug and make up!

I it’s not so much you, how much myself now
remind! We don’t know how much time we have and do our claims
worth it was the last thing you will hear from us dear
man! Because we not know what tomorrow will bring and whether we will have the opportunity
to tell about his love. The banal truth, but often forgotten in the heat
mutual proof and redoing! Thank you mom and grandma that you love me
of course, always and all! Your presence gives me strength, confidence and