Миша Бартон разнесла чужой дом, врезавшись в него машиной

Actress Mischa Barton, who became famous for her role as Marissa Cooper in the series “Lonely hearts” again fell into the reports society column not in the context of your work, and scandalous matter.

Barton, which for a long time can not cope with their addiction, recently staged an accident, which injured at someone’s house.

Misha crashed into a building on the leased truck when were transporting their personal belongings.

It is reported that traffic accident happened due to the fact that the actress was not able to calculate the height of the arch, through which was to pass, in the end, turned the wheel and raced to someone else’s house.

No official announcement yet was not done.

Note that Barton this was very reminiscent of his accident-prone heroine in “Lonely hearts.”

In 2007 Mischa was arrested for DUI. As later told the actress she really was under the influence of drugs, since then she has struggled with her psychological problems due to excessive fatigue and depression.

In 2009, Mike was in rehab.

In 2015, Burton said that she felt great pressure from the public because of the fights with my mom.

Last week it became known that not so long ago Mike was hospitalized in connection with her inappropriate behavior, I’m sure she was drugged. Neighbours of the actress called an ambulance because I was very concerned about Misha’s condition – she was crying, screaming that her mother was a witch, and as if he were hiding from someone. Paramedics took Burton to the clinic for psychiatric examination.

Here is how what is happening in your life says the star herself: “in the Evening of 25 January, my friends and I were celebrating a birthday. We have been drinking alcohol. but at some point I realized that my behavior is distracting from the standards movement have become sort of chaotic, and I can’t control myself. Over time, these feelings only intensified. To a medical examination, I agreed willingly, because I realized that I needed professional help. Later the clinic told me that I had someone put ghb in my drink, along with alcohol caused such a reaction. After spending the night in the hospital, I returned home, and now I feel good. I want to thank the doctors from Cedars Sinai for their professionalism and care. Let this situation be a lesson for other young women: be vigilant and look closely to his environment.”