Бен Аффлек хочет отказаться от роли Бэтмена

Not so long ago Ben Affleck was said to play the role of Batman he is very seriously: “to fulfill the role of Batman, it is necessary to concentrate efforts and to play well. To combine acting and directing duties very difficult. I’m not sure in this case could prove himself as an actor by 100%”. From the words of Affleck clear that he refused to direct the project and even agreed to make some changes in the script that he wrote.

Today received the news that Affleck does want to retire from the project. The reason for that criticism, which he constantly exposed.

“No doubt, Ben Affleck wants to leave the project. He no longer wants to be Batman. I was told that Ben Affleck is negotiating with Warner Bros. and trying to leave the project. And if he was not allowed to abandon the role of Batman’s solo film will definitely be the last in which we see Ben Affleck’s Batman,” — said the journalist of the edition Collider John Campea in his podcast Collider Movie Talk, citing a number of sources.

Representatives Of Warner Bros. yet it did not comment on these rumors, apparently hoping to persuade Ben to stay in the project.

If the rumors that Affleck is leaving the DC universe are true, the film “justice League” will be the last movie where Ben to transform into Batman. The movie will be released on the big screens in November this year.