Никита Джигурда страдает от одиночества после развода Showman does not leave attempts to return to ex-wife. Valentine’s Day Nikita Dzhigurda shared a poem dedicated to the famous athlete. The actor admitted that wants ex-lover well.

      Despite the fact that the scandalous showman Nikita Dzhigurda went with the skater Marina Anisina those, he continues to feel her very warm feelings. Recently, the artist published a poem dedicated to his beloved woman. It Dzhigurda calls former lover, the goddess and wished her happiness in his personal life. The flamboyant man also shared a photograph of the athlete posing Topless. Subscribers Nikita found that Marina looks amazing.

      “There’s a lot of miracle from edge to edge, that I would die for her native really ready, if only she was as a woman happy, seeing the illusory nature of human dreams and dreams,” said the showman.

      Note that in a recent conversation with journalists Nikita Dzhigurda expressed the readiness to make peace with a former lover. The artist believes that everything can return to a happy family. At the same time the Marina Anisina, apparently, does not intend to return to the ex-spouse. She lives in France together with the children. In the program of NTV “the Secret to a million,” the skater admitted that he tries to abstract from what is happening. However, Nikita does not regret that met Least. “I really fell in love with this man, he is very charismatic, a man with tremendous energy”, she said.

      Anisina also admitted that her parents were not thrilled with darling daughter. Despite this, the skater forbids the mother to blame the ex-spouse in front of the kids. About his former lover, Marina recalls with a smile. Apparently, the stay abroad helped the star athlete to recover after a scandalous divorce, which was discussed by all country. “At home he was very calm, there was no such noise on the screen. He was a good father, but at home he did nothing”, – shared Anisina.

      Previously, the athlete gave his first divorce after the interview, in which he spoke about the change in her husband. A conversation with the skater showed in the program of TV channel “Russia 1” “live”. Marina frankly admitted that, over time, began to fear the flamboyant artist, so decided to file for divorce. Anisina also said that he wants ex-husband only good. “I’d really like to take myself in hand and found myself… No negativity I said to him do not feel. To take revenge on him never going. We share children, I’m grateful for them. But I think he needs a good think,” said she. Marina Anisina revealed the truth about the divorce