Otar Kushanashvili called the true reason for the separation of Victoria Boni a millionaire

Отар Кушанашвили назвал истинную причину расставания Виктории Бони с миллионером

Relationships of Victoria Boni and millionaire from Monaco Alex Smerfit ended, as told TV presenter, by mutual consent. Victoria insisted that the father of his only daughter Angelina of Letizia they parted friends.

Fans of Boni expressed his regret about the fact that this Union dissolved, and secular commentators have suggested that this was a long time ago and guilty in the Vic.

At least this is the opinion of the journalist Otar Kushanashvili. The man is sure that quite a long time, Victoria was focused on myself and developing my career, because he spent enough time their young, handsome, rich husband. Affection and love Alex was not enough because it left the Russian star.

Cusanelli writes in his blog that the wrong priorities and has ruined the personal life of Victoria.

“Believe me Doc: the family is only the privilege of the retail sale and then the debt. Very soon, the focus has shifted. I don’t see and I have sight hearing pretannia, and I don’t hear ANYONE who has the desire and strength to this sacred duty to fulfill. Everyone wants to be famous and rich, all ego, all are demiurges, organic dichotomy in our farm is not observed” — says cusanelli.

As you think, whether the rights of a journalist?